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Marco Misheff has no idea when he began making films at a very early age, experimenting unconventional shooting and production techniques on indipendent, guerrilla filmmaking productions.

He develops a strong, visual impact oriented sense of cinema with a strict view on reality and contemporary themes.

His visual landmark is fueled by a indistinguishable mix of storytelling and cunning shooting styles which remarkably make him stand amongst other filmmakers of his generation.

None of his works has been produced trough production companies.

He currently lives in Milan and works in many countries as director and cinematographer, supervising on many projects every aspect of the production.

He firmly believes Michael Bay is the greatest film director currently living.

view /showreel section for a quick overview of his works, mostly commercial.

on /screenwriter you'll find some info about some of his written scripts and other projects.

view /credits to find out who has worked with him.


Resume is available on request.

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